BibleDiary is a blog Ezinne Zara uses to document her Christian struggles and take readers along with her on her journey of failing and learning what it means to truly follow Christ.
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True Christianity (TC) is a Christian community that Holy Spirit instructed Ezinne Zara to open.

It is a place where Christians from all over the world meet, talk about their struggles freely, receive love and help, grow and develop their relationship with God, have Bible study and make Christian friends. 
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Zai is a faith-based brand launched in August 2019 by the Spirit of God and Ezinne Zara.

Our goal is simply to create designs and pieces to make everyday people stand out of the crowd without loosing the essence of simplicity.
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Sometimes, Ezinne Zara talks to cameras and shares in more vivid and expressive mannerisms, teachings on the Word of God, her funny and exciting and sometimes challenging life experiences as she follows Christ, and places emphasis on how girl-next-door she really is.
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